Lancaster, Massachusetts

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Registration Open for Baseball Minors/Majors

Hello League!

We're moving along with the process of transitioning to the Babe Ruth/Cal Ripken.  Softball operations will remain virtually unchanged except that this move makes the administrative processes much simpler and you will see online forms with different organization names.  I like to think that this move will improve our baseball program offerings;  We are going to be able to play against a larger variety of towns in a more diverse league.  You will also see a wider divisions of play this year.  We are going to have the opportunity to play into a schedule with two divisions of Coach Pitch play AND by combining teams with Bolton we are hoping to be able to offer two divisions of Majors play as well. 

Register your Baseball Minors/Majors player today.  I increased the fee $5 from last year to address added background check expenses.  We're offering the Triple Play clinic to the first 20 who register and that starts soon, details to follow.  Late fee and evaluations will be end of January so lets get those continue to get those numbers up !!!

Look for the remaining registrations to go live and more e-mails in the next few days as well.

Looking forward to a great 2019 baseball season,


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